Who we are

Giant! is the new Enfant Terrible in the block. We are a happy bunch of definitely crazy, creators and collaborators. An ambitious team bonded by passion, with the combined experience of making short films, feature films, web series, documentaries, commercials and branded content. Chances are, you have already enjoyed something that we have made. You will love us, maybe hate us at times, but above all, you cannot ignore us.

Our Director

With an experience of over 20 years, Siddharth Sikka is an integral part of various renowned organizations like Link Engineers (50 years in engineering & consulting). He is a Bharat Samman and Bharat Shiromani awardee and also a member of FICCI & joint business councils, having traveled globally with various government officials including the prime ministers of our country. He has directed a few short films recently which has received an overwhelming response from the audience on YouTube. He is a creative mind and has unique ideas to produce a variety of meaningful content for the masses.

What We Do

We plan on creating everything from award-winning interactive campaigns to VR work (simply because we love doing so.) However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Our filmmakers create a wide range of distinctive films, starting from creative, high-concept viral campaigns and product launches, to personal documentaries and fundraising promos. Whatever the platform, technology or audience; our ambition remains the same, i.e. to craft/design/devise clever ideas and create something so stunning that our clients are bound to fall in love with it, and us as well

See Our Work

Hand crafted and delivered by a roster of talented directors and in-house producers; here are some of the short-films that our creative team has worked on recently. We have recently finished filming “A Match Made in Hell” which will be released nationally / worldwide in early 2018. WikiLeaks on one of our project - web series, coming soon! We are open to sponsorships and feel free to advertise with us.

Our Brave Souls

The architects of the brave new world. A team that is overloaded with ideas, always generating new solutions by the second. They change their views (“control+alt+deleting” outdated ones) to fit the clients most demanding taste. There’s also a handful of digital skittles flying around, all over the place actually, mostly to defuse a monochrome look, partly to assure that collaboration are fresh and sweet. We also have a force of young active enthusiasts – who hate boredom and conservative attitude.

Work Life in Giant

This is us! The ethos of Giant! is - Be crazy, work together, have fun, make great work, be creative and make the clients want to work with you again. Pretty simple stuff, but something that we think has been the key to our success over the last few months. Here's to the next few years! Join us; else you won’t know what you are missing out on… (Our recruiting range varies from eccentric to genius, so please do give it a shot!)

Get in Touch

If you don’t see what you need, feel free to get in touch with us. It would be awesome, if you could join us for Cutting Chai (Tea)/Cuppa Coffee and some amazing sandwiches made by Bhaiyya Jee. (#BJkiSandwich)